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Ready to make waves on social media?  Join our exclusive network and get ready to take your influence to the next level.  Work with brands and start monetizing your influence.  We can teach you have.


Want to introduce your brand or product?  Reach a larger audience with our team of renowned content creators, writers, and influencers.  We can handle all aspects of your social media campaign.

You Need the Best Advice

PS Influencer Consulting knows the digital influencer market inside and out.  With over a decade of experience, PS Influencer Consulting is rooted in a deep history and understanding of social media and influencer markets.  We will match you with relevant influencers who will become true ambassadors for your brand.

We are a team of brand strategist and talent managers who conceptualize digital campaigns based on the brand’s goals and distribute messaging to today’s consumers and ultimately driving an attempt to purchase.

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Our Perfected Process

Creative Content Direction

We work with our talent to create authentic content that lives beyond the campaign itself, while infusing the brand’s core messaging into everything we produce.


We surround the premium content our influencers create with key strategy points geared towards distribution, promotion, brand recognition, and ultimately conversion.


Our vast network of influencer relationships, coupled with proprietary insights around the talent and their fan base, allow us to pair the right cast with the right project.

Contracting & Negotiating

We handled the entire contracting and negotiating process to ensure a smooth course of talent acquisition and management while incorporating all key legal caveats deemed necessary by our brand partners.


From the inception of the idea through activation, distribution, and completion, we execute the entire campaign end to end with a team of experts and a full suite of premium vendors.


We provide our clients a detailed wrap report with all pertinent information broken down into an easily digestible take away to ensure comprehensive learnings and continued success through future campaigns.

The PSIC Advantage

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Grade-A Service

Over the years of creating content, we have refined our approach through insights and learning. In that time, we have perfected our proprietary process around overall strategy, content creation and execution, including talent negotiation, contracting, and campaign reporting. Who will become true ambassadors for your brand?

Impactful Results

Always innovating we can now easily and seamlessly amplify content to get 3x ROI on impressions and reach, really driving consumer behavior through our unique amplification add-on program options.

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Happy Clients

" Thanks to PS Consulting I've been able to redirect the essential demographics and shed a light on my brand and attract the limited attention of my target audience in turn leading to more viable leads and sales. "
" PS Influencer Consulting is definitely real. They are easily accessible. Their guidance resonated with me as an Influencer. The resources are helpful and motivational. I cannot recommend their advice enough! "

Al Kauthar Pierson

As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist he brings to the table over 20 years of ownership and management experience. 


Shareef Nash

With over 20 years of experience as with two joint venture startups one of which was in the entertainment industry and politics at the state level.

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